Security for Activists

Social justice activists and organizations are threatened today not just by politically-motivated cyberattacks, but also by the invasive actions of law enforcement and private security firms emboldened by the nation’s rightward trend. These attacks are unfortunately on the rise.

Ongoing advancement for gender equality, immigrants’ rights, reproductive freedom, racial justice and more are being fought on the streets, in the courts, and online. A casual approach to online communication and digital security can set back a movement for a news cycle or even an election cycle. Social justice organizers are by definition challenging those enforcing the status quo and need to ensure that their constituents’ private information is safe from opponents and law enforcement.

Digital Safe Space helps social justice activists, social change organizations and campaigns configure their technology in a safe and balanced way that protects them against hacks, attacks, and loss of access. Digital Safe Space helps build confidence in the privacy of your devices and the data they contain.


Security Survey

An in-person meeting with campaign and organization leadership. We will evaluate communication protocols already in place, digital tools being used, staff and volunteer on-boarding and off-boarding, and intake of digital information from the field.

Some common questions: who has access to domain-level credentials; have you implemented 2-factor authentication; how do you manage individual and organizational passwords; what credentials are volunteers given; how is important data backed up?

We will identify vulnerabilities, help contextualize security concerns for your organization, and prepare a formal recommendation with suggested tools and protocols.

90 minutes for up to five participants, $1500.

Security Seminar

We will meet with campaign and organization staff to teach a deeper understanding of security concepts and apply them to evaluate common communication and online tools.

Importantly, we will demystify digital security by taking an approach that closely relates to physical security. We aim to give users more control over their own digital world. Concepts covered: encryption, password management, 2-factor authentication.

90 minutes for up to 12 participants, $1500.

Security Workshop

Depending on the specific needs of your organization or campaign, we will meet and work with staff to implement specific recommended security and communication tools.

For example, we can help senior staff set up 2-factor authentication for important accounts, or implement team password management. The workshop will reinforce the need for these security tools and give staff the ability to implement these tools themselves more broadly for the organization.

90 minutes for up to eight participants, $1500.

Security Assessment

For organizations and campaigns that require a comprehensive set of security recommendations, we will conduct a detailed assessment that goes beyond our initial survey.

We will meet with management, staff, and volunteers to find specific vulnerabilities, make recommendations to meet those challenges, and draft checklists and instructions for implementation.

Price depends on organization size, starting at $5000.

Ongoing Consulting

Digital Safe Space is also available for ongoing security and technology consulting, for specific projects or for security review as needed.

$180 per hour.

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